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Several stop signs inappropriately placed

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I was surprised and somewhat flattered to see Ms. Murphy’s convoluted reference to my letter regarding the overuse of stop signs in Auburn which I submitted back in July (she must be keeping a scrapbook). Her illogical assumption that I ignore our traffic laws and speed throughout town is unfounded. I haven’t been convicted of any traffic violation in more than 25 years. I simply object to traffic signs being placed inappropriately and feel there are numerous examples in Auburn. Their presence causes traffic congestion, encourages unsafe driving practices and disregard for the law. According to the California MUTCD (Section 2B.05) “Stop signs should not be used for speed control,”... which is exactly what many in Auburn are used for. Speed limit signs and rigorous enforcement are intended for that purpose. As far as her statement that “yield signs don’t work,” that logic escapes me. Does that mean we should use signs that people will obey, whether they’re appropriate, or not? I believe, rather, that we should have proper signage while enforcing our traffic laws. Her claim that “it sometimes takes 10 minutes” to enter Lincoln Way speaks for itself. Now, as long as we’re on the subject, isn’t it about time to unplug the flashing “School Zone” sign and remove it along with all the other school signs around what used to be Alta Vista school? People are much more likely to heed such signs, everywhere, if they can feel confident that they’re accurate. Charles Gardiner Auburn