Sex offender arrested operating ice cream truck near school

By: Brad Smith, The Press Tribune
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A 62 year-old Roseville man was arrested Wednesday near Olympus Junior High School on suspicion of violating a law related to his status as a registered sex offender. Dee Dee Gunther of the Roseville Police Department said that John Carl Alderson had been operating an ice cream truck near the school for three weeks. An anonymous tip led police to make contact with Alderson, a registered sex offender. “The law prohibits sex offenders from working a job that allows them to have contact with children under the age of 16,” Gunther said. Gunther said Alderson never applied for a vendor’s license. “Had he applied for a license, the background check would have pulled up his earlier conviction,” Gunther said. Alderson was also arrested for a misdemeanor charge of violating registered sex offender requirements, Gunther said. “Mr. Alderson was booked in the Roseville City Jail,” she said. “Because Alderson was charged with a misdemeanor, he was released on a citation to appear in court.” Gunther said that investigators have not discovered any evidence suggesting that Alderson touched or spoken inappropriately to children during those three weeks. “If anyone has information then they need to contact us,” she said. According to a police press release, Alderson was originally required to register as a sex offender because of his conviction for a misdemeanor offense of annoying or molesting children. Although his sex registrant status was known to law enforcement, he was not required to be listed on the state's public Megan's Law Web site. Sex offenders can petition the court to be excluded from the public Megan's Law website site under certain circumstances, such as a misdemeanor conviction. Gunther said the department is continuing its investigation. Anyone who has any other information on this matter is urged to call the Roseville Police Investigations Unit at (916) 774-5070. Brad Smith can be reached at