Shake hands, agree to disagree

Reader Input
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Response to Eileen Ferber, “An insult to Believers” (Reader Input, Nov. 3). This is such an incredibly sensitive issue for some people, particularly, I think, those of faith. The point all along is that those of us trying to uphold the teachings of Jesus, those of us that have raised respectful children (three adult women), those of us once in the military (served in Vietnam), there are some of us that simply have different points of view on this subject. My point of view and my respect for yours is as honorable as, I am sure, yours is of mine. This all started when a nice lady stated an opinion, in this public forum, that a god had a hand in the Chilean miners’ rescue. I responded, in this same forum, that I had a differing opinion in that regard. They are opinions from differing angles, nothing more, nothing less. What we need as a society is quiet discourse where we can agree to disagree and shake hands. And, finally, the lesson from your parable (which by the way is a very old joke making fun at the folly of man) is this: how can a man of faith, a true believer in God, be so stupid when his life is on the line? Kent Campbell, Auburn