Shall we put terrorists in hotels?

Reader Input
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Re: “Torture shames our nation,” Shirley Pooley, Granite Bay. Shame on Shirley and anyone else who feel like she does. She must be in her dotage to have written the letter.  What does she want us to do … give the terrorists a room at the best hotels and tell them we are sorry for capturing them?  Remember, these terrorists chopped off heads of innocent people. Is that OK? They want to kill you and as long as they remain alive they will not change. Water boarding is not torture. It is an effective method of collecting information. Water boarding is a way to show terrorists that we are in command. One thing terrorists respect and fear is someone who is in command and is willing to exercise that command. They respect power. Being in command is power.   I truly believe we should never have gone into Iraq but we did and the terrorists were captured while trying to kill Americans. They are still trying to kill us by hiding behind masks and doing suicide bombings. Spineless people like Shirley are the true terror of our lives. Liberals like Shirley will ignore or turn the other cheek until it is too late. Liberals will never realize how lucky they are to live free as we are today because tomorrow with Barack Obama in office who knows what may happen to our country. He has already made a mess of things. He is no leader just a follower that someone else tells what to do. What a sad state our country has reached. Well Shirley, I hope you never get captured by a terrorist as you won’t live to see 81. Thank goodness. A liberal you must be because no sane person could write a letter like you did. Your new leader has lost respect for America and has shown that by bowing to Arabs and saying we are not a Christian nation. How totally wrong. Our nation was founded by Christians and is a Christian nation. Did you or he ever read the Constitution? Donna O’Neal, Foresthill