Shall we stand united or at odds?

Reader Input
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I want to first state that I am not a member of any political party, a member of any organized religion, but a member of “We the People.” I am an American first and foremost. The current finger-pointing, name-calling etc. has created a climate of separation of We the People. We continually tell the rest of the world that we as a country do not learn from our mistakes. The world is watching and has been since the conception of this great nation. We read daily how people thrive on the demise of people who have success at one point. We have created a society that waits with baited breath for the day the someone in a powerful position fails and/or displays human conduct. I have not always been proud to be an American and I still am ashamed of some of the attitudes that still prevail today. As a young person I sought out history and truth and was hit with the reality that our nation had not always been something that I personally could be proud of. With the up-and-coming Fourth of July celebration can we all just take a breath and review what is self evident and how we as the people have shared and played a part in our current situation? Did the separation of the Civil War benefit us as We the People ... is this what we want to occur again? Every time we choose to distinguish ourselves as members of a political party we are doing the same as Yankees versus Confederates. Can we not embrace the efforts and words of our forefathers or is our political party the Holy Grail? We are not only judged worldwide by our words, but we our judged by our childish inability to learn from our grave mistakes and by our actions. Have we truly been responsible to those words, We the People? Cherie Holm, Meadow Vista