Shame on the president

Reader Input
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In response to Patricia Burke’s letter (“Letter writer sadly in denial,” July 19) about my July 17 letter regarding the president and his administration (“Letter writer sadly in denial,”), first of all, Ms. Burke was confused as to my gender. I’m a woman, and I’m not buying her so-called proof that there is a war on women being carried out by the Republicans.
It’s nonsense. Because Congress wants to defund Planned Parenthood there’s a war on women? Taxpayers should not be made to pay for others irresponsible behavior. It’s as simple as that. Besides, wasn’t Planned Parenthood the organization that was videotaped advising a woman who was seeking an abortion because she didn’t want a female child?
I have a news flash for Ms. Burke. Women won the right to vote, to have abortions, to use birth control, a long time ago. With freedom comes responsibility. Now it’s time to move on. Democrats need to stop beating this drum just to keep the female vote. I can’t believe women are still falling for this baloney.
She also cited where Tom McClintock was on a panel with a preacher who spouted sexist remarks. So that makes McClintock a sexist, also? So why does the president get a pass when it comes to his longtime reverend/close friend, the very racist Rev. (Jeremiah) Wright? If we are to go by Ms. Burke’s standards, the president must be a racist.
She cited the 99 percent as an example of the class divide. These are the people who defecated in public parks and destroyed property while Nancy Pelosi and the president stirred the pot by saying they understood their outrage. Shame on me, Ms. Burke? Shame on the president.
Corrin Kraus, Applegate