Shame on speech ‘opt out’

Reader Input
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I was shocked and dismayed that the Auburn School Board even considered an “opt in” or “opt out” approach to hear President Obama’s address to the students of this great nation on the importance of getting a good education (Journal, Sept. 9). All students should be given the opportunity to hear what our president has to say. I believe that’s the part of the Constitution about “freedom of speech.” Then the teacher could lead a discussion about what the president said and what the students thought about it. I think that’s what folks do in a true democracy. If I am not mistaken, President Reagan and President H.W. Bush both addressed the students of this nation about getting a good education. Since when did a few uptight parents determine the details of any school curriculum? Shame on the Auburn School Board for the “opt out.” And shame on the principal and teachers at Auburn Elementary School for continuing to prevent their students from hearing the president of the United States speak. Your students have much to gain from listening to his words and it is your responsibility to make sure they hear them. Elinor Petuskey, Newcastle