Shame on supervisors for Walmart OK

Reader Input
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The letter about Walmart is incorrect (“Senior spells out why Walmart is needed,” Reader Input, Aug. 30). There will be no one from Lincoln or Roseville coming to Auburn to shop at Walmart.
About a block from the Kaiser Hospital in Roseville is a very large Walmart. Out Highway 65 about five miles from Lincoln there is a very large Sam’s Club which is owned by Walmart and right next door there is an extremely large Walmart. So those folks have all the Walmart they need.
We in Auburn however do not need a Walmart in North Auburn because the location is not a good one for the surrounding neighborhood. And I say to the Placer County Supervisors and their staff who approved this store, shame on you for not considering the folks who live here in North Auburn. The county could have encouraged Walmart to look elsewhere so as not to harm the businesses already here and the local residents.
But I guess if your only priority is money then that’s all that matters. I really hope that the store never goes in. There are many businesses here that are a pleasure to shop in and we do not need a predatory company like Walmart in North Auburn.