Shamed by ignorant voters

Reader Input
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I am a 55-year-old, part-time college instructor. When I was laid off at California State University, Sacramento two years ago I lost my Kaiser coverage. COBRA wanted $550 per month and I couldn’t pay that, nor did I qualify for private insurance because of my age and two pre-existing conditions. I work hard, have a master’s degree, and have played by those famous rules, but to a certain kind of American I don’t deserve affordable health care. I’m talking about the mobs of people screaming and acting like spoiled children at recent town halls across the land. Some of these people don’t know that Medicare is a government program (though many are enrolled in it). Some believe that Obama is a secret Muslim and is unqualified to be president, as they believe that he wasn’t born in this country. Some are waiting for a man on a white horse (and he better be white, too). I am sick to death and ashamed of my fellow countrymen who can’t have a reasoned debate about anything. Maybe it’s time to have intelligence tests for voting. Stephen Holland, Penn Valley