She sides with Independents

Reader Input
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Having read your letter (?Where were the questions?,? Brian Hassett, April 22), proved, even more strongly, why I continue to be a registered Independent voter. If you can?t blame (George W.) Bush you might as well blame Fox (News). Most voters are looking for answers, not blame. We need to be able to keep an open dialogue. I think you might have been thrown off by the question and could have responded in a simple answer such as, ?I am not familiar with the episode.? I also checked the story online and found several articles on what happened in West Hoke Elementary School in North Carolina and they were not Fox only stories. Gee, I even found it on NBC 17! I am happy to say my four children had wonderful teachers that always left the door open for communication. However, I was happy to read you are a former journalism teacher. I?m sure with your advanced analytical skills, teaching was beneath you. Sally Fish, Loomis