Sheriff’s class an experience

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Recently, I was drawn to a course that the Placer County Sheriff’s Department was offering entitled “Community Awareness Academy.” This was held in March for seven three-hour sessions up in the new Auburn Justice Center. This program was broken down into exploration of many of the departments within the sheriff’s organization. We got to actually go and see the 911 call center, the simulation gun range, SAR (search and rescue), the coroner’s office, canine unit, SWAT, air operations and the Placer County Jail. This course was very interesting in so many ways. The real thing that I came away with is the deep appreciation of what these men and women in our sheriff organization do for us. Sheriff Ed Bonner has built a team that is just outstanding. Many of the sheriff’s deputies, when asked if they loved their jobs, said that they would not consider any other line of work. They loved their jobs and they loved working for Sheriff Bonner. Each of the department heads impressed me tremendously — all so informative and interesting. We are very lucky to have such a dedicated group of individuals who are serving us each day. I can’t say enough about this glimpse into their organization and the professionalism that they all displayed. I would recommend this course to everyone when it runs again. Also, we should all feel lucky to live in Placer County and have these individuals protecting us. Shelley McDonough, Newcastle