Shockley’s racism terrible

Reader Input
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While I agree with Walter Drysdale that our Recreation District ought to accept the park from the Shockley family, (Reader Input, Oct. 1), I am appalled by his logic. Shockley’s views regarding eugenics were indeed terrible. Earlier in the 20th century they were used to justify some of the worst racism in this country as well as the forced sterilization of the mentally ill. Later Hitler used such views as part of his justification for the Holocaust. And paying poor people or minorities to be sterilized, as Shockley proposed, is not very far above that on the ladder of bigotry. To recognize this is not “political and non-productive” nor is it “despotic political correctness,” Mr. Drysdale. It is simply an issue of basic moral responsibility. And if accepting the park entailed any kind of support or encouragement of such views, I would be quite opposed to it. The reason I support accepting it is because I do not believe this necessarily follows. So I support acceptance of the park in spite of Shockley, while Drysdale seems to support it because of Shockley. In that, we could not be further apart. LAURIE WESTPHALIA, Auburn