Shop cat's back after going missing March 6

By: Michelle Miller, Journal News Editor
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Frankie the cat is wearing a bejeweled collar now after going missing from his owners for nearly two weeks. The wayward feline returned to Cheryl's Clothes Closet, the Auburn store he calls home, on Wednesday. Frankie, a somewhat tubby tabby, has been a popular fixture in the store for more than 14 years. Frankie had been missing since March 6 and was returned by a woman who recognized him from an article in the Auburn Journal. Everyone's just ecstatic he's home, said Shari Wright, an employee at the store. We're thankful for all the support we received from around town. Regular customers to the store were saddened by the cat's disappearance. One lady couldn't believe it. People would come in and you could see it in their faces. They were sincerely heartbroken about it, Wright said. Some said Frankie feels like family. Customers put up flyers, called the store for updates, and one woman even visited the pound hoping to help the store recover the beloved cat. A psychic even called the store to say Frankie had passed away. Frankie's plight also turned up on CBS 13 news. You'd pull up every day and think, ˜Please, let him be sitting there by the front door,' said storeowner Jodie Luckett. I really believed he was not coming back. I was OK with it. Isn't it funny the next day (we get him back). The cat has lived at the store for more than 14 years, between the previous location in Downtown Auburn and the current shop on Palm Avenue. Frankie was found when a woman spotted him outside her girlfriend's house. The girlfriend said she took the cat home from the laundry facility neighboring Cheryl's Clothes Closet, presuming Frankie was a stray. The woman thought Frankie looked familiar and then realized he was the missing cat from the paper, Wright said. He looks like he's been taken care of, Wright said. They did shave him because I guess he was matted. Once back home among the clothes racks Wednesday, Frankie went straight for his usual sleeping spot ” a cushion covered by a rabbit fur jacket. He was also getting quite a lot of petting from customers. I love Frankie, he is the king, said Megan Brown of Auburn, who shops at the store occasionally. Although Frankie doesn't normally like to wear collars, he's now being forced to. We're going to watch him like a hawk, Wright said. The Journal's Michelle Miller can be reached at, or post a comment at