Shoppers decide who stays and goes

Reader Input
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Much is to be said about property rights — the right to sell your property and to whomever as long as it is within the limits of the law. This is the case with the Bohemia property. It’s a given that Wal-Mart will be building. Since this decision the focal point of many letters to the editor seems to have been “small ‘mom and pop’ businesses will be closing their doors.” Only the public can dictate whether the small businesses will be forced to close. If those who normally shop at small businesses stop buying there and shop instead at Home Depot or Wal-Mart, this will be true. However, as a shopper doing business with the small businesses, it has been found that in many instances the prices can be less than the “big-box” stores, or if not less, just a couple of dollars more — in particular Eisley’s Nursery, Ginty Supply and Auburn Office Products. It would be wise to get prices and compare. You, the public, can make or break a business, so remember — it’s you making the difference. Get prices from both and compare before actually making the purchase. You may just get the surprise of your life! MARY ANN FRANK, Auburn