Shoppers need added choices

Reader Input
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Thank you, Elyse Barrel, for your comment about Wal-Mart (“Must shop at Wal-Mart,” Reader Input, June 12). I throughly support Wal-Mart, Costco, Trader Joe’s and Lowes if they want to come into our community.
I do not think Wal-Mart or the others will kill Safeway or Bel Air. I personally love to shop these stores but Wal-Mart sells other things beside food. When local stores are out they just may have what we are looking for.
As Patrick Macroberts from Newcastle said in his comment (“Does North Auburn need a Wal-Mart?,” Reader Input, June 6), keeping the dollars moving in our local economy, not buying clothing from Asia or produce from South America. Has he read labels? I do and they come from these countries, even in our local stores. Tell me where do you find Made in America?
Have you counted the number of tire stores here? We have more than cars. I do not think the number of cars on (Highway) 49 will increase. My friends live in Nevada City, Grass Valley, Meadow Vista, Clipper Gap, and all over the mountain. They drive all the time to shop Auburn. They get disappointed and go to Roseville. Some even go to Yuba City.
This is not 1950, it’s 2012. We need choices, and having more will create jobs that we really need.
Peggy Impala, Auburn