Shopping in Colfax a rip-off

Reader Input
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After reading the Sunday paper on Jan. 15, (the letter) “Support market that supports” in the comment section, I couldn’t believe what I read. Foxey McCleary said, “Walk around Colfax and realize what Colfax has for us to buy.” Are you kidding? If you walk around Colfax all you will see is boarded-up stores. If you shop at our only grocery store, you won’t have money left to buy gas. If you buy gas, you won’t have money left to buy groceries. Do you know why Sierra Market and our gas stations charge so much more than the stores in Auburn? The answer is “because they can.” If Riebes Auto Parts, McDonalds, Taco Bell, restaurants, barber shop, tire shop etc. can keep their prices the same as Auburn’s, then why can’t Sierra Market and our gas stations? If there was a bus that took people from Colfax to Pak N Save there would be “standing room only.” KNIGHT WAGNER, Colfax