Show us all the soccer facilities

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I had the opportunity to attend the ARD board meeting on April 30. I went home shaking my head wondering how any organization can function so ineptly but it became very clear to me that the leadership provided by Director Curt Smith is the main reason. The meeting started off well with a number of speakers voicing their opinions on the Shockley Park issues. All were articulate, civil and presented well-thought-out comments. Considering the topic, they represented the greater Auburn area well. Then things turned interesting. During discussion of the five-year Capital Improvement plan, Director Smith recommended to have the $165,000 Meadow Vista Soccer (it?s actually an athletic field as it is not used by just soccer players) field renovation removed from the plan ?because there are other soccer fields in the areas that are under-utilized.? I wish all of you folks who are hiding these under-utilized fields and know where they are would tell us so we can use them. Being involved firsthand in the scheduling of team practices and game times, I know that soccer is growing in our community and field space is at a premium. We all will have a long uphill road with this kind of leadership of Director Smith. I?m not sure what the solution is, I really don?t. I do know that this kind of leadership will not only impact the quality of the youth athletic programs and all recreation programs in the area but will impact every homeowner in the area as values are a direct reflection of not only the quality of the school systems but of park facilities. Chris Asbury, 49er Youth Soccer League and Auburn Youth Soccer Club board member, Auburn