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Reader Input
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Once again Dianne Foster has engaged her mouth without putting her brain in gear. (Reader Input, May 31) She blithely claims that Ted Kennedy and George Soros “keep their money off-shore to avoid paying taxes.” This, without a shred of documentation, evidence, or providing a source, because it is simply not true. But it’s easy to make things up, right Dianne? Like so many liberal-bashing letter writers to the Journal, Dianne is long on anger and offensive accusations, a lot shorter on evidence, clear thinking, or thoughtful analysis. Like when she claims that George Soros “funds the Democratic Party” without the slightest idea how much he contributes and how much money it takes to fund a nationwide political party. Or when she sees unions as “special interests” – but not banks, AIG executives, HMO and drug companies, subsidized agribusiness, defense contractors, etc. No doubt the top CEOs, the Halliburton and Blackwater execs, and the cream of the corporate tax-dodgers are delighted to see little people like Dianne Foster endlessly attacking the Democratic Party and “liberals politicians.” How easy people like her make it for them to stay in power. WILLIAM THADDEUS, Sacramento