Sick that concrete batch plant passed

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To whom it may concern, My family and I live very close to the proposed "Livingston concrete batch plant" site. After attending today's hearing at the Placer County Planning Department I am left feeling sick that this project was passed. Livingston' s presentation was very pretty, and if their claims are true this project may not be so bad. The Planning Dept. along with Livingston claim that there will be a "less than significant impact" to traffic, noise, air quality, water quality, and no impact on local existing residential wells. With the estimated traffic to increase of up to 120 truck trips a day, including concrete trucks and trucks delivering rock and other materials to the plant, how is this less than significant? Even though the proposed project would be responsible for a share of cost of initial road improvements, the long-term wear and tear and cost to maintain and fix Ophir Rd. will be at the cost of taxpayers. The planning dept. claims that the old highway was built to withstand the 60 thousand pound trucks, that's probably true. The old road is still very strong, but the many new sections that have been put in and patched over are grossly inadequate and are already falling apart because of the county’s penny pinching and cutting corners on our Road improvements. A representative for Livingston's spoke on air quality assurance. His claim states that the plant with its new "Green Technology" will literally let no concrete dust or the cancer causing chemicals that are in concrete release into the air. This sounds too good to be true? If this is true that is wonderful, but how do we know for sure. How will the residents who must breathe the air surrounding this plant know that they are safe? For years the planning dept. has not been able to come up with a clear answer as to how much concrete dust particulates would be released into the air or how far it could spread to surrounding resident’s properties. Now they are claiming that there will be no dust. What if they are wrong? Are we to blindly trust this representative for this project? Educated guesses are wrong all the time! And who pays the price if they are wrong, the residents of Newcastle and Ophir! The Planning Dept. says they only check for compliance issues because of complaints, this batch plant will operate without anyone knowing for sure that there claims are true. How do you check for cancer causing chemicals being released into the air and again how will the people who live around this plant know if there is a leak, filtration failure, equipment failure, or human error, when it is after the fact and we start getting cancer or our livestock and pets start producing tumors! How about those claims that existing wells will not be affected. My families well and only source of reliable water is within 300 feet of the proposed project’s well. Our well was not checked during the 72 hour test, we were not notified of the test, and so we do not know if our well will be effected or not. The county’s response to residents who are concerned about their water supply is that wells run dry for a variety of reasons, it would be a civil action. So thank you Placer County for leaving us high and possibly dry! Again educated guesses are wrong all the time, and if they are wrong in this matter who pays the price? The residents! And by the way, in the Ophir General Plan heavy commercial use such as this proposed project should only be allowable if water and sewer came from a city water source, the earliest this may happen is 2018. So the county has gone against the Ophir General Plan! PCWA will gladly give this project over 10,000 gallons of water a day when water is available, but I can't get an extra 1/2 inch of seasonal ditch water that runs through my property for farming purposes! What a joke, money always wins. They also claim that the noise level will not exceed the freeway noise that we all hear. The steady stream of cars is very different from the sound of back up beepers at 5:30 in the morning 6 days a week including Saturdays! The sounds and smells of diesel concrete trucks warming up and loading up with concrete, along with the crashing sounds of trucks delivering rock and other materials will sound much louder than the freeway noise. I guess we will no longer be leaving our windows open if we want to sleep in! Thanks Placer County, how about all of you who approved this project come over for a sleepover on your day off and see if it is a "less than significant impact" to your ears! Over all I am very disappointed in our Placer County Planning Dept. decision to approve this project. The only party who really benefits and profits form this is Livingston! It is a lose, lose, pay, pay situation for the residents and towns of Newcastle and Ophir. The counties EIR "environmental impact report" has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. But I guess it is too late to know, we just have to live with it. A big Thank You to the 2 board members who voted "No" to this project, too bad the other 4 members voted yes. For those of you who voted yes, you have lost the trust, confidence and respect of the residents of Newcastle and Ophir, and you can bet that you have lost our vote come election time! And while you drive home and sleep in your beds miles away from this project, I am sure you won't even give a thought to us. By the time this plant is built and operating you will have moved on, but for those of us that must see it, breathe it, hear it, and smell it every day, it will be a very "significant impact" for us, and we will have to live with it while you live away from it. Thanks Placer County! As a fifth generation resident of Placer County I have lost faith that our County officials are truly looking out for the health, safety, and well being of the residents or the well being of our land. I have lost faith that you care about our beautiful foothills and country life that make this county so desirable and wonderful to live in. In response to the Newspaper article printed Wed, Feb 10th. Livingston concrete plant will not help pave a positive future for Placer County, this is one of those times that the county should have just said "No!" They are gambling with people's homes, health and futures. Again, tests, testers and educated guesses are wrong all the time, only time will tell. DEBBY PETERSON, Newcastle