Sierra board approved costly entry-level salaries

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At their Dec. 11, 2007 meeting the Sierra College Board of Trustees approved a classification study and new salary schedules prepared by their consultant, Johnson & Associates, for the classified and supervisory staff of the college. The total cost of these new classifications and salaries is $769,000. Based on the new salary schedule approved by the Board of Trustees, the following are some examples of entry-level salaries at Sierra College: 1) Cashier $48,090/year (plus 22.5 percent benefits). 2) Custodian $45,802/year (plus 22.5 percent benefits). 3) Grounds Maintenance $53,040 (plus 22.5 percent benefits). I was very interested in reviewing the external salary survey data that supports these new salaries and I requested this information, but I have been informed by Sierra College this information belongs to the consultant and is not public information. I am shocked that Sierra College would approve a classification study and salary schedules costing $769,000 without allowing public review of the data supporting these additional costs. Perhaps those board members interested in supporting another bond campaign may want to concentrate on how they spend college funds currently available. Lamont Royer Auburn