Sierra Pacific responds

Reader Input
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At Sierra Pacific Industries, we produce numerous consumer products and utilize 100 percent of the raw material we bring in for our manufacturing processes. In addition to producing lumber from sustainably-produced timber and employing 300 people in Lincoln, we work with companies that make use of our wood fiber and by-products to produce additional consumer goods. One by-product is ash from our biomass renewable power plant that is used by farms as a soil amendment. We strive to assure that these operations are well-maintained and are properly permitted. One day, however, an extremely high wind blew dust off our soil amendment area (Reader Input, “SP particulate a dirty shame,” Journal, Jan. 16). Upon discovering the problem, we immediately responded and took corrective action to stop the blowing dust. We consider ourselves good neighbors in Lincoln and are committed to making sure that we are responsive to the needs of the community. Mark Luster, community relations manager, Sierra Pacific Industries