Sitter meets poodle savior

Reader Input
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I just wanted you to know that after your publication (Journal, Dec. 28) of the missing standard poodle dogs and the help I received by an “unknown Good Samaritan” that I was connected via the paper to Sharon (the poodle savior) herself. It was really nice to get “The Rest of the Story” (as Paul Harvey would say) and find out just where they were rescued from, (they crossed the highway — yikes!,) how they came to be in her possession and to be able to voice how grateful I was to her for her kindness. The story rounds out with Sharon and her husband joining me and the dogs here at our home for a cup of tea and some doggie treats. Tea for us, treats for them ... and the promise to meet in the near future and all go on a leashed walk to the dog park together. I tried to get her to pose with the dogs for a photo, but she wasn’t comfortable with that, nor would she accept any remuneration for her actions. “Oh, no!” Sharon laughed. “You can’t take away my good deed for the year!” Thank you, again, for all your help and for allowing me to share my appreciation to your wonderful little community. Dog bless you one and all! Heather Pendragon, Auburn