Skate park is a good design

Reader Input
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I think more people would be in favor of a skate plaza in our (Loomis) Downtown Park if they saw the design. I feel that many people do not know exactly what a skate plaza is. A skate plaza is different from a skate park in several ways. A skate plaza is designed for skateboarding by incorporating urban terrain elements such as benches, rails and ledges. Unlike most modern skate parks that consist of stark vertical ramps and half-pipes, the skate plaza resembles a public square in a town or city by incorporating landscaping and art to create a multi-use park that is aesthetically pleasing. A skate plaza is different than a skate park in that a skate plaza is designed to blend in with the town design. Since a skate plaza has the skating elements these kids are looking for they will go to the skate plaza instead of our public schools, parking lots and streets. Our skate plaza is a multi-use area that will be used during our community events such as Earth Day and the Eggplant Festival, to name just a few. Hillery Wallis, Loomis