Skateboarders may become rural road kill

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OK, I'm a film writer and I sometimes get dramatic, that's the name of that game. So let's get visual: Saturday morning January 16th, a beautiful idyllic winter day, bright sunshine, 55 degrees and birds singing in the trees. At 10 a.m. I left my bother in laws home on Mt. Vernon Road and drove toward Auburn. As I came around a blind uphill turn I was confronted by four teenagers on skateboards flying toward me in both lanes of this two-lane road. I was able to avoid hitting two of them by dodging onto the bank but it was a close one. I was shaken by the event so I pulled over and called my brother in law who promptly called 911 then drove to meet the CHP officer at the scene. When he arrived the officer was speaking to a dozen teens with skateboards who were meeting their adult drivers who had delivered them to various locations on Mt Vernon to stage this apparent sporting event. (Do we have a child endangerment problem herein?) He was told by the officer that there was no law against this obviously unsafe practice that could result in serious injury or death. It was considered to be in the same category as bicycling. So beware those of you who traverse these quiet, back water roadways, there are more threats out there than we might expect. The next event we might expect is prone skate suited bodies lying down on our rural roads at 50 miles per hour. If you have a problem with this, let your local law enforcement agency know. NAN TUCKET, Auburn