Skip electronic eyesore/sign

Reader Input
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Re: “City OK’s $60,000 for new billboard,” (Journal, Feb. 15): Has anyone on our City Council really taken time to look at one of these LED signs? Gaudy, distracting and lighting up everything in the vicinity with a garish electronic glow — is this really what Old Town needs? Or, for that matter, have they looked at the comments regarding the Auburn Journal’s articles on the sign issue on the Journal’s website? Virtually all the comments from readers are emphatically against this idea. Nevada City, our neighbor up the hill, has an ordinance that allows for only historically appropriate painted wood signs in the city proper — no plastic, no neon, no digital. Funny how, despite this devastating technological handicap, they still manage to attract hordes of tourists, host major film and music festivals, and get written up in national publications. Installing an electronic eyesore in our Old Town is not going to magically cause people to flock to Auburn. We would be far better off putting that $60,000 — no small figure — to work improving our roads, public restrooms and other facilities, and brainstorm real, practical ways of using our resources to make Auburn a destination. Perhaps cultivating the historic integrity and charm of our town would be a good place to start. Or, better yet, we could rein in our compulsive spending, send that check back to the state where it’s really needed, and save ourselves a few new arguments in the process. Julia Boorinakis Harper, Auburn