Skyridge second-graders learn about healthy water

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Second-graders will learn about healthy environments and waterways today. Students from Skyridge Elementary and Placer County Water Agency officials are participating in the City of Auburn’s annual Creek Walk, which is being held from 9:15 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Auburn School Park Preserve in Downtown Auburn. The event is part of the Healthy Auburn Waters campaign. Students will pick up litter and learn about recycling, storm-water and wastewater pollution prevention and water conservation, according to Megan Siren of the Auburn Public Works Department. “By making smarter choices, consuming less, properly disposing of hazardous waste and reusing and recycling, each of us can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment,” Siren said. Reducing storm-water pollution is a top priority in California, according to the Public Works Department. The Healthy Auburn Waters campaign focuses on encouraging community members to recycle, throw trash in a trash can, use pesticides and fertilizers conservatively, recycle their used motor oil and join or organize a community or streamside clean up, according to the Public Works Department. Auburn Mayor Bridget Powers said every citizen should work to keep their environments clean and safe. “We’re asking everyone to do their part to protect our community, its water quality and the local environment”, said Mayor Bridget Powers. For more information on Healthy Auburn Waters visit ~Staff report