Slow down; let’s stop killing neighbors

Reader Input
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Well, folks, it’s happened again (Journal, March 8). At 11:05 a.m. Wednesday, Indian Hill Road residents once more heard the sound of crunching metal, breaking glass and wailing sirens. A good neighbor was killed instantly, and his wife received major injuries. That makes four fatalities in the last seven or eight years, and all of them within a half-mile of my home. It’s not a coincidence that this one-mile stretch of Indian Hill Road, henceforth to be known as the Indian Hill Death Zone, contains all the curves on the road except the one at the Auburn-Folsom Road intersection. And therein lies the problem. Those gentle curves create blind driveways, but don’t slow down speeding drivers. Wednesday’s tragedy is a perfect example of what can happen. Enough is enough. The solution is simple. Slow down, please!, wherever you drive. Save gas, save money, save lives. And think about this — the one you don’t kill might be someone you love very much. So let’s stop killing each other and give the other guy a break and/or the benefit of the doubt. You’ll feel better about yourself. Have a safe life. Roland L. Gaubert, Newcastle