Small-community folk want to escape big-city problems

Reader Input online
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The City of Auburn wants change but at what cost? Its current actions, if not curtailed, will seal its demise as a small town. Reason: by attracting big money (unwanted) sponsored events will fail to attract more anticipated money investment. This misguided notion (direction) will reverse the proposed goal. Why? Simple! People live or move to a small community to escape what’s happening in the larger cities. They don’t want this here in their community. They don’t want this creeping plague to infect them. People want simpleness, not confusion. People want history surrounding them giving them a sense of identity. They want to feel calm and quietness in their lives. They want to feel closer to nature, not trapped in a concrete jungle and historically, if a small community is transformed into a larger metropolis, it is essentially ruined of its uniqueness. And if it is deprived of its history and culture it slowly dies and no amount of money can revive it. The only remedy to prevent this is the people united together in keeping it intact by their efforts to promote a small town image. ALLEN CASSIDY, Auburn