Smart car stuff of nightmares

Reader Input
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I have recently been reading about ?driverless? cars. Computers will be driving the car. Then the driver can just sit behind the wheel and talk on the cell phone or text or work on their laptop. Wait! The drivers are already doing all that distracted driving! It?s called stupid driving! Not following the speed limit, not making full stops at stop signs, just not following the rules of the road. Why do we need a car being ?driven? by a computer? How will that be any safer? If the computer ?crashes? how will the driver behind the wheel take over? Those with this idea at Google ? do they live in a dream world? Perhaps they are just stupid drivers with a stupid idea? Drivers just need to keep both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road and pay attention to the rules and what is going on around them. How simple is that? I know! I know! The smart driver is only in my dreams. The smart car is in my nightmares! SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn