"Snowy white" wasn't climate

Reader Input
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Last month at the Confluence Festival, I helped man the Auburn Democratic Club tent. Jack Uppal, our candidate for U.S. Congress was there to meet and greet. When Jack left, I was approached by a man who asked me who he was. I responded that Jack was our candidate for Congress. The man said, ?He won?t make it.? I said he probably won?t, but that I want him to make a good showing and ?make McClintock sweat a bit.? He laughed at that but said, ?He won?t make it because he?s black.? I was a dumbfounded by this. I should mention here that Jack Uppal is originally from India. We have all read the letters in the Auburn Journal spewing disrespect for our current president. The writers all claim to not care whether his is black, that it is his policy that they hate. I?m starting to wonder if this is so. When I moved to Placer County some 20-plus years ago, I heard it said that it was ?snowy white.? (I thought people meant it snowed a lot!) I am originally from New York City where we enjoy a very diverse populace. Meeting people of different ethnic backgrounds is a great thing. We are called the ?melting pot? of the world. I would hope the people of Placer County remember this and give an intelligent man a chance and not dismiss him for the color of his skin. I would ask that people learn about Jack Uppal, his background, eduction and political beliefs. You may be pleasantly surprised. Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn