Social Security still solvent

Reader Input
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I wish to compliment the Journal for publishing syndicated columnists including the (Steve and Cokie) Roberts couple and (Kathleen) Parker. Although they vary in views that are conservative or liberal, they are usually not only moderate in their discussions but more importantly, thoughtful and thought-provoking. They present issues that are not provincial but significant to the lives of your constituents. The latest example was Gene Lyons’ view on Nov. 3. I feel it is overwhelmingly important for all taxpaying citizens to know that some of the federal debt is owed to the Social Security Trust Fund and that the fund is still solvent and would remain so unless the government reneged on its legal obligation to repay its debts. The pension payments are due to the recipients who have paid into the fund through their “payroll tax,” which is not really a tax but a premium payment that the government collects for deposit into the fund. Gerald Brody, M.D., Meadow Vista