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I am writing to throw my support to Carly Fiorina. As a retired college dean and professor, I have completely had it with Barbara Boxer and her inaction as our Senator. Barbara Boxer has not acted as a representative of the state of California. Rather, she has been a paid political hack who acts utterly to serve the interests of the Democratic National Committee. She would have been a great Stalinist in the Soviet Union. Why Californians have re-elected someone who did not represent their interests is beyond me, but I do believe they have finally figured it out! Ms. Fiorina has real-world experience in the highest levels of business. We all need representation from someone who can make budgetary and spending decisions based on real economic models, not pie-in-the-sky dreams that Democrats turn into a raft of nightmarish regulations (e.g.: health care). For once, I implore, no beg, my fellow Californians to vote for Carly Fiorina and to give us all a better chance at a greater future. James G. Duvall III, Colfax