Some behavior flagrantly unsafe

Reader Input
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Regarding a letter to the editor, “Build new type of train crossing” in the Feb. 19 Journal: Every time someone disregards the rules of common sense and gets hurt or killed, there is a cry for more protection for the public. Several years back, a lady left a McDonalds Drive-Thru with a hot coffee stashed between her legs. Of course, it was McDonalds’ fault when she scalded her privates. Last summer several youths plunged to their deaths in Yosemite. Of course, it was the park’s fault because the fences were not high enough and there were not enough warning signs posted. So, here we go again. Steven Overdevest, in his Feb. 19 letter to the Journal, wants metal bars that rise out of the ground when a train is coming. Steven sees this as a solid deterrent to drivers circumventing the red lights, clanging bells and downed gates when a train is approaching. My guess is, irresponsible folks would then drive on the sidewalks or lawns to get past the tracks in a hurry. I realize that common sense is not always common practice, but government, businesses or agencies are not always responsible or culpable when individuals do flagrantly dangerous things and get hurt or killed in the process. Alan Shuttleworth, Colfax