Some dog breeders just don’t care

Reader Input
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Dog breeders shouldn’t breed dogs with bad blood lines. My dog Lulu has hip dysplasia and two of the vertebrae on her spine are not fused properly. This makes her feel pain when she walks and gets up. She has to take special medication every day. In a few years she might have to be put down because of not being able to walk. We are thinking about getting her a hip replacement. At the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show in San Francisco, my family and I were talking to a man whose 1-year-old golden retriever puppy died about a month ago due to a heart defect. He got his purebred puppy for his son who was having trouble in school. The man paid lots of money for a good, healthy dog. He shortly found out he wouldn’t have the puppy for more than a year. If that happened to any dog I had known for a short time I would be devastated. Some breeders truly care about the quality of the dogs. Other breeders only care about the money. These breeders will continue to breed dogs with health problems and sell the puppies and not tell owners. Breeders shouldn’t breed dogs with a risk of their puppies having health problems. There are already too many dogs without homes. Dog breeders should strive to breed healthy, happy dogs. SUSANNA HADLEY, student, Auburn