Some letters simply wrong

Reader Input
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I was struck by Kevin Brady’s letter (Reader Input, Jan 11) where he summarized in consecutive sentences the conflict inherent in wars of all kinds. In one he said that he’s sorry for civilian casualties that occur and in the next says that terrorists have no regard for human life. Apparently when we kill civilians we do it in a kind and loving way that is ultimately in their best interests while terrorists do it because they don’t care about their fellow man. I doubt that the civilian being killed feels better when we do it as opposed to a terrorist. Wars may be necessary as a last resort but civilian casualties can never be rationalized in this way. I took Bob Velon’s advice (Reader Input, Jan 11) and spent some time checking the issues he raised in his letter. I could find nothing that said that the United Nations was attempting to confiscate our guns, that Obama tried to ban all weapons in Illinois, or that he is a British citizen. I found lots of sites posting incorrect information or plain lies about the subject that Mr. Velon repeats. As far as our representatives forcing us to accept something that our Constitution requires to be done by majority vote, Mr. Velon should review how a representative government works. Calvin Guin, Auburn