Some people are just jealous

Reader Input
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I have noticed a lot of letters belittling Dee Nann?s letter to the editor a couple of weeks ago (?Bring back our country,? Reader Input, June 10). I agree with her on several things. I wasn?t fed news of any sort, one way or the other, from Fox News. I watch it and am satisfied it is the most evenly broadcast news of the day. Fox News has a larger audience than all the other major newscasts. That says something, doesn?t it? As for the letters against Dee Nann?s personal thoughts, most were, I think, signed by women. It reminded me of when I was a child. I had several dozen laying chickens. I sold their eggs. One big red hen laid twice as many eggs as the rest of them in a year. After she laid an egg, she sang. She sang all the time. The other hens didn?t like her singing, they were jealous, so they pecked and pecked at her. It didn?t do any good. She kept on laying eggs and singing. At the end of the laying season, guess who ended up in the chicken pot pies? DON J. GREER, Colfax