Some solutions to America’s ills

Reader Input
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Overpopulation: The current world population of 6.4 billion people will rise to over 7 billion by 2012, to 12 billion by 2050. U.S. population grew from 150 million in 1950 to 275 million in 2000. It took the world all of human history to reach 2.5 billion in 1950. Continuing current rates, double our population to 550 million in 65 years. Joe Camel sold cigarettes. Let’s sell negative population growth. “Two children are good; one is ideal!” Financial impact realized in nine months. Welfare assistance: Offer families with a history of public assistance the following: Mothers undergoing voluntary hysterectomy after two healthy children are awarded tuition cost after high school graduation to any institution for which their children qualify, breaking the bonds of dependency on public assistance. Or accept the aid limit which does not increase beyond two children. School savings: Demand textbook companies to make CDs of all their books. Buy one set for each classroom and burn a CD for each student. With savings, buy laptops for students. No more 50-pound backpacks. Use leftover funds for art, music and sports. Brune Dowry, Meadow Vista