Something to hide, Obama?

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I have questions. Why is it so easy to gain massive personal information on Herman Cain; while media and investigators are roadblocked getting info on our sitting President? Obama’s college and university transcripts aren’t public, nor are his term papers or thesis. Millions of dollars in legal fees have been spent to block these documents from public view. Something to hide? Any challenge toward Pres. Obama’s policies are twisted as hate speech, bigotry or bias. None of that was alleged during the onslaught against Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, or Judge Robert Bork. Nor the subsequent “Borking” not only of Sarah Palin, also her husband, even stooping to similar attacks upon her children. Say anything against the policies of President Obama and it’s labeled “hate speech.” Where was all that outrage during these other savage attacks, led by the left? Petrobras Oil is a Brazilian company. The lions’ share of Petrobras oil goes to China and Latin America. Yet President Obama sent billions of our taxpayer dollars to Petrobras. A major stock-holder of Petrobras is billionaire George Soros. Why isn’t there any outcry about Obama indirectly “paying off” his largest campaign backer using our money? Legislators on both sides of the aisle have been reaping obscene profits through long-term “insider trading.” And Martha Stewart was sent to prison for a much less serious offense. There’s a cure here. Vote. Flush Washington D.C. in 2012. Rocky Warren, Colfax