Something wrong with pay

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I just finished reading the article, Rocklin OKs $227,000 contract for (Rocklin’s) new city manager (Journal, Dec. 20). In the (Journal) dated Dec. 12, I also read the article on Placer County School superintendent, current salary $160,034 plus benefits. Total package of $178,294 plus life insurance policy of $90,000, plus a proposed increase. What are our elected representatives doing to the taxpayer? When our governor’s salary is $212,179 ($173,987 according to the California Department of Personnel Administration website) annually and every elected state position below the governor is less than the Rocklin city manager contract, no wonder there are problems. Why is the city of Rocklin on the larger playing field as the state governor? Something is wrong! Isn’t Rocklin’s population around 55,000 not 35,000,000 for the state? What is going to happen when the federal government does not have the money to fund the state? They will cut the state’s funding and the state will cut the county’s funding and the county will cut the city. Then what? We are already broke in the state. The same goes with the Placer County school superintendent. The state superintendent of public instruction annual salary is $184,301. Placer County is a small part of the state of California. How can we afford to pay these inflated salaries? The private industries have cut the last few years and have felt the pain of the declining market. Unemployment is high, people have lost their jobs and employees have taken salary cuts. Is the city of Rocklin’s job bigger than the governor’s? Is Placer County school superintendent as large as the state? The vice president of the United States’ salary is only $198,600. What is wrong with our representatives? (Salaries of state and federal positions were found on the Internet). Concerned resident and taxpayer. Rich Bowers, Rocklin