Sounds like old hate speech

Reader Input
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In response to “Real Americans uphold peace” by Anne Gassman, Citrus Heights, (Reader Input, Sept. 26): I find it just amazing that in one sentence the writer spouts values of tolerance and then six words later starts a tirade of hate and name-calling against the tea party movement. “It was so refreshing to see a picture of Americans upholding the true values of peace and tolerance in the wake of all the media frenzy of the tea party movement (Journal, Sept. 16).” “It’s shameful that those compassionate Americans don’t get the same exposure as their well-funded, brainwashed counterparts.” “How about the silent, but ignored, compassionate Americans who uphold the Constitution and truly demonstrate it?” The tea party movement believes the Constitution grants the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances ... that means all people, not just a select group or party. So, like it or not, all 44 million tea party activists are going to do what they can to redress our grievances. I suggest the writer attend a tea party meeting and be a guest speaker and educate us on her interpretation of the Constitution. Sounds just like plain old hate speech to me from the Party of Tolerance. JOHN T. NIGHTINGALE, Auburn