Spare a little more for health care

Reader Input
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I’ve been living in Auburn and the surrounding area for the last 40 years. Back in the 1970s you could actually be seen and treated by a doctor in the emergency room at our local hospital! These days, I guess due to budget cuts and the broken health care system, in the United States you can’t get the help unless you’re willing to wait all day to be seen. I know it’s not the hospital’s fault, but I waited Tuesday, Feb. 22, for three hours. I slipped and lost my footing on a wet deck at my home. I almost died and was in severe pain. I was told at the ER that there was only one doctor treating everyone. The place was very busy; four ambulances pulled in during the three hours I was waiting. I guess if you’re having a heart attack, you might be seen sooner. What I’m trying to say is that we, the people, Americans, of this great rich country are suffering and dying unfairly because of the greedy politicians and oil barons of the world. They would rather pad their pockets, blow people up and continue with the war on terrorism than help us Americans. I ask you, America, when are we going to wake up? I love my country! I’ve driven it three times, coast-to-coast and from sea to shining sea. I respect all our troops across the world for keeping us safe — trillions of dollars spent on people that hate us and our freedoms. We Americans, especially our seniors, are dying because of our health care system. So here I sit in pain with a broken, bruised face, sore neck and back and I can’t sleep. God help us! JOE TERRUSO, Auburn