Speak up now to save nation

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As a nation we need to look at what is happening to us, slowly, and not so slowly! Our financial system is being eroded and disintegrated. Our health system will eventually be limited to a government-run bureaucracy. The security of our country is threatened by the lack of strength of our government. It appears that slowly, but surely, our nation is rotting on the inside and hostile forces are determined to take away our God-given freedoms. Does it seem like there are too many people that neither know, nor care, what is happening? Not until all is lost will many Americans wake up to the realization that the America we once had such pride in and loved is gone. As we move further and further away from our God-given rights, and so many of our freedoms, we are becoming a weaker nation. We still have time to let our voices be heard. God has not been completely silenced nor will he be silenced. Elly Derr, Auburn