Speak out against abuse

Reader Input
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I am writing on behalf of a serious problem that is happening all over our nation: child abuse. We have outlawed it and thrown people in jail who have committed it, but that doesn’t stop it from happening the first time. Children everywhere are getting abused by parents or other adults in their lives, even if they have done nothing, or little, wrong. I realize that there is not much to do to prevent it from happening, at least the first time, because we can’t read another person’s mind, but if someone you know is getting abused, be sure to tell somebody. Another thing that we must make sure of is that children who have been abused go through some sort of therapy. Most do, but if a child doesn’t have some sort of therapy, it can cause many problems down the road. Our government is doing quite a bit to stop this problem, and I also realize that we need the money that it would take to do much more about it, but this is still a very serious problem all across the nation. KARA CHRISTENSEN, student, Auburn