Speak out against Penryn apartments

Reader Input
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I cannot imagine how anyone would vote to change the complete ambiance of our wonderful wooded community to concrete and remove our wonderful trees to build 150 condos that we do not need (“Supes to hear Penryn apartments appeal,” Journal, Aug. 16). Since we have tons of foreclosures there are more than enough vacant rentals in many of the local communities.
I personally own many properties and am fully aware what this would bring to our wonderful community.
Not only would we be inundated with cars and I am sure a lot more than they are trying to tell us, it would also cost us as homeowners increased taxes, increased fees to our fire department, roads, sheriff’s departments and many more unforeseen costs.
Even though they would try to convince us this is in the plans, we all know about plans. Please, all of you that love the way we live, speak out by making the phone calls and attending the meeting in Auburn on Sept. 11.
This is important for all of you whether you live near this area or not, you will be affected by it. I am a concerned longtime resident that loves where she lives.
Judy Roux, Loomis