Speak out or lose voice

Reader Input
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I know we have all seen the bumper sticker that states, “Love my country! But fear my government.” I hope that I never see on a Homeland Security vehicle a sticker that reads, “Love my government! But fear the people!” A little levity maybe – with tongue in cheek – take note that there are security cameras on every corner – becoming a police state created by fear voiced by our leaders and news. Each day more of our freedoms are lost. We are constantly denied access to our elected officials, unless we have money to hand out. We have become a nation of followers instead of a nation that has the will of the people. We have given all the power to those we elect who should represent us. Instead they represent no one but themselves while we lose our voice. There are many things we can do to get our voice back. Just one idea is to stop banking at the largest “too big to fail banks” and invest our monies into smaller community banks – the government would have to deal with communities not large institutions that don’t care about our communities. I started this rant with bumper stickers so I will end with one we should have – “It’s not a crime to have a voice and to be heard!” Stephen Lentz, Auburn