Speak out for school funding

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n my opinion, the existing system for funding California public schools is broken. First, there is no guaranteed minimum level of funding for school districts experiencing declining enrollment. These are not one-room school houses, but districts serving thousands of students that may no longer be able to keep qualified music teachers or librarians on staff. Second, there is no apparent cap on the amount a school district must set aside from its general fund to provide special education services. Special education students are entitled to appropriate services. However, I believe the funding for such programs should come out of a larger pot at the county, state, or federal level. One final challenge lies in the fact that communities wishing to supplement school funding must overcome the almost impossible hurdle of attaining a two-thirds majority with any bond measure. I encourage community members to contact our state representatives to demand adequate funding for our schools. Please also consider making a generous donation to your local education foundation. The state is not providing adequate funding for K-12 education, and our local school districts need our financial support. Linda Cramer, Meadow Vista