Speeding claimed life of old friend Blu

Reader Input
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I live in Meadow Vista on the corner of Placer Hills Road at the north end of town. Meadow Vista is a great place to live, except for one thing — people drive too fast coming and leaving town at the north end. On Wednesday evening, at about 9 p.m. a young man came knocking at my door. He was trying to find the owner of a large black dog that was ran down and left for dead in the northbound lane of Placer Hills Road. I ran out with him to find my BIu. My beautiful 13-year-old black lab, my constant companion, my buddy, my protector. Blu was a big gentle dog he just liked to do his walk about the perimeter of our property every evening after dark. I know he did it to let his presence be known to the coyotes and the deer that roamed about the area. He did it for his buddies, our cats that were his companions. I would like to thank the two young men for taking the time to stop and find the owner of Blu as he lay dying in the middle of the road. I would also like to thank the gentlemen that stopped to help us get Blu off the road and bring him home. I would like to say shame on you to whoever hit my beautiful Blu and left him for dead. I would like to say slow down to the cars that fastly approached myself and the young men and gentlemen while we were in the middle of the road removing his body. And lastly to all of you who drive too fast coming in and leaving Meadow Vista at the north end I will be saying good-bye for a long time to my beautiful Blu. CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista