Spread around CHP enforcement

Reader Input
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After careful consideration and thought I have decided to write an open letter to the Journal, CHP and Placer County Sheriffs. I have lived here in the foothills of Auburn for 30-plus years. It is well known among locals and regular travelers that the CHP sets up nearly every single day at the Clipper Gap exit (also referred to as the “Clipper Gap Trap.”) I think it’s great that you CHP guys are nabbing speeders and attempting to make our small stretch of I-80 safer, but, isn’t it time to spread out the enforcement? Yesterday I was entering the freeway on the westbound side when a CHP came hauling up behind me as if he was going to ram me from behind to get me to move! He cut out around me before the exit ended and kicked up dirt and rocks off the unused portion of the exit and chipped my window. This is not the first time this has happened here. If you guys feel it necessary to drive like jerks to catch people also driving like jerks, then do it somewhere else! We are sick and tired of the constant CHP presence on that small stretch. Jason Williams, Colfax