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I was heart-sick to learn that another horse and rider were victims of a dog attack on a local trail. I’m sure the dog’s owners never dreamed that their beloved pet could be guilty of such behavior, but it’s a tough way to be reminded that our leash laws are there for a reason. Thank goodness their little girl wasn’t injured even more. It could have easily been much, much worse for all concerned. We are so incredibly fortunate to have these beautiful trails to enjoy, but many of us are now very concerned about using them. Too many people don’t seem to realize, or care, what their thoughtlessness could cause. Might it be possible to include, with each issued dog license, a flier that would very clearly state the leash laws and penalties, perhaps with examples of incidents caused by dogs that were allowed to run loose? The information could also be given out at vet offices, shot clinics, feed stores, etc. Something has to be done to make owners wake up and act responsibly. Here’s to safe and happy trails for all of us. Betty K. England Newcastle