Squeezed out by the big boxes

Reader Input
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Paul T. McDaniel got it right (Reader Input, Nov. 15). Sometimes traffic is relatively light, but when people are traveling to work or returning, Highway 49 is awful. He’s also right that the traffic lights should be coordinated. From I-80 to Dry Creek Road there are 13 lights, and sometimes, like Paul says, you will hit almost every one of them. He’s not just making this up, folks. Seems like most of the people who support the big box stores, such as Deanna Wright of Meadow Vista (Reader Input, Nov. 17), live in nearby communities or some in Colfax. She might have a different opinion if she lived off of Dry Creek Road and had to travel Highway 49 every day. The supervisors have done it again. Looks like the dreaded Wal-Mart is a done deal and now the supervisors want Costco which will be very near Home Depot. This is not the place to live if you want the “big box monsters.” After having lived in Auburn for 53 years I expect changes and growth, but I don’t want Auburn turned into another Roseville. Roger Perkins, Auburn